Nose Ring

Jaliyan Help To Find Nose Ring Of A Woman

The daughter -in-law of a farmer in Virpur went to a village named Roopavathi in a marriage party . She wore a nose ring with a precious red pearl set in it While enjoying the wedding festivities she lost it somewhere, and did not find it . she took a vow of offering a coconut in Bapa's temple before going home

The marriage party returned to Virpur. The daughter- in-law went straight to Bapa's ashram with a coconut Seeing her weeping Bapa said , " Come on , my child, Let me break the coconut before God

Saying this he took the coconut and broke it before the idol of Rama . A miracle happened . The nose -ring came out of the broken coconut

Bapa said , " Oh, how mischievous my Rama is

The daughter-in-law was simply mad with joy. She went home with nose ring